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June 6, 2023

St. Peter’s Spirits Inc. proudly introduces its line of Green Monké Delta-8 carbonated beverages across the United States. Green Monké will soon start selling it's incredible tasting beverages that are guaranteed to give a nice buzz to people in the US States that do not yet legally permit recreational cannabis!  

Green Monké Delta-8 sodas are launching in two delicious and refreshing flavors, Tropical Citrus and Mango Guava! Green Monké Tropical Citrus was named the best-tasting THC drink in California in both 2021 and r2022, was also included on Thrillist’s list of the Top 20 Edibles Across the United States in 2022. This same great-tasting, green waterfall of citrus flavor is now available featuring Delta-8.  With the launch of these two new drinks, green monke now proudly produces 10 (NTD: check) unique and award winning beverages, sold across the United States, Canada and Europe.

With 25 mg of Delta-8 instilled in every can, these drinks pack a punch, even for the most experienced cannabis consumer. With only 5 grams of sugar and 25 calories, these drinks are much better for you than another hard seltzer, glass of wine or craft beer – and with no hangover the next morning, you will have yet another regret the next time you reach for an alcoholic drink.

Background on Delta-8

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in hemp plants. Similar to “weed”, it is psychoactive; however, consumers describe the effect of Delta-8 as more of a body buzz, making it more similar to the effect of alcohol spirits.

As hemp-derivatives, Delta-8 products are federally legal in the United States under the Farm Bill (2018) , as confirmed by the Ninth Circuit of the Court of Appeals in May 2022. This Court of Appeals decision provides legal certainty to retailers, distributors and online sales platforms that hemp-derived products, like Green Monké Delta-8 sodas, can be sold on the same shelves as beer and other RTD cocktails.

As a result of the legal certainty, the Delta-8 industry has grown dramatically over the past year. Brightfield Research reports that more than $2 billion of Delta-8 products were sold in 2021 and 2022, exploding from an essentially non-existent prior sales base. Further, Brightfield projects sales of Delta-8 products to continue to rise at a CAGR of greater than 150% over the next four years. This is the next hyper-growth category of adult beverages!

You can find Green Monké Delta-8 drinks at your local smoke and vape shops, select independent retailers and online at


Jen Robinson Lockwood, Chief Marketing Officer


About Green Monké:

Green Monké launched its THC beverages in both California and Canada in 2021, and immediately won awards for its great-tasting drinks. In 2022 the brand expanded its THC line to Maine and launched its hemp extract soda that is available nationwide. In June 2022, Green Monké signed a global cannabis beverage partnership with Cookies, th best-known international cannabis brand, and, in 2023, Green Monké and Cookies launched its co-branded California Iced Teas and California Lemonade. To follow Green Monké, visit

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