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We make our spirits from cannabis so you can have great nights and great mornings. Great tasting, health conscious drinks that are highly sociable.


To create perfectly dosed, health conscious, great tasting social cannabis drinks that revolutionize the social beverage business. Our Green Monkey drinks are alcohol alternatives that deliver a consistent, effervescent social high that you can enjoy with friends and family in any social setting. We believe in having great nights together and waking up to a great morning.


St. Peter’s Spirits brings together a group of friends who had a vision to create beverages that were non-alcoholic, health conscious and great tasting while still enjoying a consistent sociable high. They wanted to create drinks they liked that gave them great nights and great mornings without the unnecessary calories traditional alcoholic drinks deliver.

Working with beverage and cannabis industry leaders they are creating and bringing internationally recognized brands to North America to infuse them with cannabis.